Jalite 4344 – Escape Arrow Right Photoluminescent Sign

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Escape route signs should be sited in conspicuous positions along the escape routes, priority given to the shortest possible route from any point. They are also required at every decision making point, indicating:

  • Change of level.
  • Change of direction.
  • Identification of escape doors by siting signs above escape doors.

JALITE escape route signs conform to International Standards providing a standardised meaning of the direction of escape.

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 150 mm

G – 150mm x 300mm, I – 200mm x 400mm, L – 100mm x 200mm, W – 250mm x 500mm


R – Jalite AAA P-lumin Rigid PVC, V – Jalite AAA P-lumin Self Adhesive Vinyl