Fancy a colour change or a cost effective refresh

Exterior Vinyl Boat Hull Wraps

Marine vinyl wraps are now becoming common place in marinas, generally being applied as a cost effective way to restore the look of a tried gel coat or as a way to help protect a new boat. Having the advantage over paint and gel coat in that it is more fade resistant and can easily be removed revealing the original as new surface. A perfect option if you are looking for a style specific to you. The wrap can easily be removed when the boat is sold revealing the original boring finish and maintaining sales value.


  1. Cost Effective

    Wrapping can be a cost effective solution over repainting to refinish a hull on a budget, with the added advantage it can be easily removed,

  2. Fast Turn Around

    Install times are less than painting with less prep required meaning your back in the water quicker.

  3. Fade Resistance

    The Vinyls used are more fade resistant than Paint and Gel Coat especially if extra protection laminates are used giving extra UV protection and Vinyl protection

  4. Added Protection

    Boat hulls can get a hard life from the elements. Installing on a brand new hull give extra protection, increasing resale value. Remove the wrap and the as new gel coat is revealed.

  5. Added Durability

    Our boats wraps are offered with added protection. We have a range of clear protections available laminated onto the base vinyl with grades of differing protection. Some even have self healing properties

  6. Easy Cleaning

    Being more resistant to the elements maintenance should be less, a wash down and off you go. We offer a range of vinyl sealants and cleaners to help care for your wrap.

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